Destination Weddings Packages and info:                       

Please send an email for information on weddings in Mexico, Hawaii, Cuba

Costa Rica and the rest of the Caribbean.


Destination Wedding Packages:

I offer the possibility of single day wedding photography or multi-day photography in a variety locations (For example; your wedding day and location shots 2 days in a location of your choice).

My clients receive a minimum of 500 colour images per day. These images are provided in B&W as well (1000 images total). Thus, 2 days yield 2000 images; ranging from the details of your wedding day to the beautiful scenery that abounds.

Your images will be provided to you on DVD with a high quality resolution that allows enlargements up to 12x18 inches (30x45 cm). These images are yours to keep forever to safeguard and print at your convenience. Please email me for a updated price list at

Photography Options:

  Mexico is an amazing country full of pristine beaches, beautiful people, postcard perfect landscapes, and surreal architecture. The possibilities for creating unique wedding images abound. I have a multitude of ideas for funky and creative wedding photos, that I would love to share with couples that are excited by the idea of getting married somewhere different. The couples I am looking for would be willing to put in the extra effort and time creating these special images and memories that will last a lifetime.

Important Questions to ask your Hotel or Photographer.

(Things you should know when picking a photographer.)

1) Is there a website to view samples of the photographers work to ensure quality?

Ask them to mail some samples to look at the quality of their printing.

2) What equipment does the photographer use? Is it a professional SLR camera or is it a point and shoot digital camera? Do they have a back up camera and extra lenses for a variety of creative shots or in case of something going wrong?

  Do you want to trust your wedding day to a “professional” who uses a point and shoot digital camera (like the one you own)? If their camera malfunctions will they have a backup to continue with or are out of luck?

3) Does the photographer speak English?

  It is very challenging to create beautiful, relaxed images when there is a language barrier. Besides speaking English as a first language, I consider myself fluent enough in the Spanish language to allow me to communicate everything my clients or I might need.

4) How long will the photographer spend with you? When does coverage start and end?

Typically, a resort photographer will come to shoot the ceremony and some posed photos afterwards (about 2 hours) If you want full day coverage from bridal party preparations until the dancing you will have to ask for a special package from the hotel.

5) How much are prints going to cost? How much to buy the digital negatives on top of that?

  This is very important, as the quality of printing is very poor in Cuba! You MUST secure the negatives to do colour correction, touch-ups and printing in your own country!

6) What is your commitment to buying the photos if you don’t like them?            

   If you do not like the prints, why should you have to buy them?

Why hire a professional photographer from abroad? Why not a local Mexican photographer who works for the resort?

  The answer to this may not be obvious, but it is very important to understand:

The majority of us only get married once! Do you want to trust the happiest and most memorable day of your life to a non-professional photographer. A “photographer” who uses sub-standard equipment (and no back-up equipment), and who may or may not speak english.

  Although a professional photographer will mean a little more of an investment, is it not a day that warrants spoiling yourself.  Do you want cookie-cutter style photos that the photographer has done so many times that she looks bored ? Or would you beautiful, original images that capture the moments of your wedding as beautifully and creatively as possible?

What I offer as a professional photographer:

  I am a relaxed, experienced photographer with creative energy and a love for travel in spanish speaking countries. With a total of 15 months spread over 4 years in Spanish speaking countries I am able to converse comfortably in Spanish thus helping smooth the way for your wedding and travel days in Mexico.

  As an experienced professional in the field of wedding photography; I use professional equipment, which means I work with 2 cameras and a variety lenses. Thus, I can create a variety of images and I have back up equipment if there are any mechanical problems. To create the fantastic images I also use external flash and reflectors for difficulty lighting situations.

  For your peace of mind I have professional and personal references available for you to to talk with and question. As well, I own and operate multiple websites for my clients and their families to view the body of work that I have created, and to share images of their wedding day.

Please contact me for further information:

ph. 250 419 1506

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